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Tracy Cone

Tracy Cone, L.Ac is the owner of Santa Cruz Wellness and is a California state licensed acupuncturist and herbalist. She is a graduate of Five Branches University, where she got a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is on the faculty at Five Branches, teaching Five Element Theory and supervising acupuncture students in the community clinic.

In addition to her formal school work she apprenticed for four years in the acupuncture office of Raven Lang, OMD and learned valuable skills in the treatment of pregnancy and children. She is trained in needle-less pediatric treatment and therapeutic infant massage. She is also trained in Chi Nei Tsang, a practice of abdominal massage that strengthens reproductive organs.

Prior to her Chinese medicine education, Tracy studied Western and Eastern herbalism with Christopher Hobbs, L.Ac in a 10-month certification. She also completed a 6-month certification in nutrition with the Institute for Educational Therapy.

She did her undergraduate work at UC San Diego, majoring in Political Science. Before becoming a Chinese medicine physician, she worked on several political campaigns and did fundraising for progressive causes. Tracy is the mother of two boys, Henry and Galen, who attend Santa Cruz public schools.

In her free time she enjoys outrigger canoe racing, mountain biking, running and spending time with her family. She is a coach for Outrigger Santa Cruz Canoe Club.

Tracy Cone at her acupuncture clinic

Tracy’s philosophy

I see acupuncture as a means of removing blocks in people’s lives. Sometimes these blocks are in the body, causing pain on a physical level. Sometimes they are on the spirit level, causing suffering that some would gladly trade for physical pain. The gentle placement of a few needles at the right place and the right time can unlock a person’s full potential for balance and health. The right treatment can allow that person to walk out of the office with less pain and a lighter heart; it can even allow a glimpse into that deepest part of ourselves that is our essence. When I treat people, even children, my aim is to remove the blocks that prevent them from experiencing their true selves.

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